Oasis Livestock company is proud to be one of the few companies in the UAE that has a wide and unique scope of activities in the livestock field covering most of the animal trade chain. This comes as a result of the company’s founder wide experience in this field starting from import of livestock and chilled and frozen meat up to supplying fresh and frozen meat to wholesalers and private entities and catering companies. We are always looking for our customers’ satisfaction and seeking innovation and excellence in our services. The following is a list of our scope of activities:

1 – Livestock importing and trading: we ensure that the sources of our meat are always the best available and highest in quality. We import from Australia, India, Somalia, Ethiopia, Oman, Yemen, etc… and also we buy and sell local livestock by which we cover a wide variety of customers’ tastes and needs.

2 – Importing chilled and frozen meat: we ensure that we choose the best sources and highest quality of meat, and first of all are slaughtered according to the Islamic law (sharia) which states that animals should be slaughtered in a specific technique that ensures the expulsion of the blood from the carcass resulting in a less contaminated and delicious meat. Our meat quality has granted us supply contracts to the private business management department of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan the UAE president, HH Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan deputy prime minister and minister of presidential affairs of the UAE, HH Sheikh Hamdan Al Hamed, as well as to wholesalers and hotels and catering companies all over the UAE.

3 – Slaughterhouse management: We are one of the few companies in the UAE and the only one in the emirate of Abu Dhabi that manage and operate automated slaughterhouses as well as traditional manual ones. This is due to the experience and skill of our workers and management. This topic is fully discussed under a separate title.

4 – Setting and managing border inspection centers: This is a new field the company is starting to enter and invest in as it increases the scope of work not just from livestock and meat trade but also to become a strategic partner with the UAE government (resembled by the ministry of environment and water) in inspecting and examining livestock crossing the borders coming from neighboring countries and issuing free from disease certificates which facilitates livestock trade. This topic is fully discussed under a separate title.

5 – Frozen poultry trade: We supply local frozen poultry of the best quality to wholesalers and catering companies and hotels. Our local sources in the UAE are of the best and the poultry we sell are of the highest quality and slaughtered according to the Islamic shariaa law.

6 – Animal food trade: We import and distribute highest quality animal food from reputable sources to livestock farms and livestock raisers which provides the animals with whatever it needs to grow up in a healthy, disease free state.

7 – Land and sea livestock transport: If you have a local farm or you import or export livestock and you want to transport it to anywhere we provide the best, cost-effective solution for you. We handle livestock transport to the destination you desire by land through specialized trucks designed for this, or by sea if you want to import or export livestock outside the UAE.