Oasis Livestock company


Oasis Livestock Company was established on 20th of July 2009 to invest its founders’ long experience in the field of livestock, meat and poultry, foodstuff, animal feed and leather trade, as well as the field of marine and air livestock transport.

Their technical and managerial expertise were used to enter other areas in the food chain field in the UAE market with new mindset and added value to slaughterhouse services using the best, latest and most special practices with what matches Abu Dhabi’s government vision and goals seeking to provide safe and healthy food to the consumers in the emirate.

Since the establishment of the company it has followed a mindset and strategy that takes into consideration applying local and international standards and requirements to provide safe and healthy food for people in the UAE, starting from providing livestock from sources and countries free from animal epidemics and diseases, commitment to decisions taken by governmental agencies and ending by following a slaughter improvement policy in Abu Dhabi’s slaughterhouse.

We always seek to get the latest international developments in the company’s work scope through attending international food exhibitions that are held annually inside and outside the UAE, and through our follow up to all what’s new in the field of the food chain (from the field to the table).

Elements of success

In addition to what was stated before regarding the founders’ experience, the company saw that it should include in its team experts in the quarantine and animal health field to ensure the application of the health practices in a scientific method.

Also the company saw that it should follow the consumer surveying method in order to keep up with their requirements and needs in our services.

The company has a group of subsidiary companies working in the field of livestock marine transport as we are one of the few companies in the UAE that work in this field. Also we have previous experience in livestock air transport in emergencies in case of livestock shortage in the local market (especially in the high demand seasons) and from countries that do not have sea ports for export.

We also have other subsidiary companies in the group that give logistic support for Oasis Livestock Company including: Shugaa trade Establishment, Al Taweela Livestock Establishment, Tamween pack plastic trade company, Carbon general contracting Establishment.

We have a marketing group that ensures customer advertising through a daily ad in local newspapers and classifieds. Through these ads we introduce our slaughter services in Abu Dhabi’s governmental slaughterhouses which the company supervises the slaughter process in, meat cutting according to customers’ needs and free delivery in Abu Dhabi city and its suburbs in a period not exceeding two hours since the service order time.

We import our livestock from the following countries: Australia, Russia, Bulgaria, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Sultanate of Oman, Ethiopia, and from other countries according to local market needs.

Work done by the company:

1-    Slaughter and skinning contract in Abu Dhabi’s slaughterhouse.

2-    Slaughter and skinning management contract in AL Wathba complex.

3-    Undertaking special projects and many contracts with sheikhs and companies.

4-    A group of contracts with some of the largest logistics companies in the UAE and wedding halls and others.

Future goals:

1-    Take the lead in the field of food chain services (from the field to the table).

2-    Introduce what’s new and advanced in the field of governmental services in slaughterhouses field.

3-    Provide logistic support in the quarantine field in the UAE.

4-    Continuous development and meeting customers’ needs and requirements.

5-    Growth and development of our trade relations with our VIP customers (Armed forces, Police, Private departments of their highnesses the sheikhs of the UAE.

6-    Effective contribution in implementing food security in the UAE.